Us vs. Them

We're A Different Kind of Bank

Perhaps you haven't heard about the benefits of choosing a local community bank over giant megabanks. All over the country, and particularly here in Charlotte, the market is dominated by the big banks. But they can't offer you the service a local bank can.

Because community banks like us are themselves small businesses, we better understand the needs of small business owners and consumers. The contrast between megabanks and community banks is actually quite striking when you look closely. Here are just a few factors to think about when deciding where to bank:

  • Our business is people. We focus attention on the needs of local families and businesses. Most megabanks are structured to place a priority on serving large corporations.
  • We keep it local. Unlike many of the larger banks that take deposits in one state and lend in others, we channel most of our loans to the neighborhoods where customers live and work, helping to keep our local community vibrant and growing.
  • We get to know you. We are willing to consider character, family history, and discretionary spending in making loans. Megabanks, on the other hand, often apply impersonal qualification criteria, such as credit scoring, to all loan decisions without regard to individual circumstances.
  • We can move quickly. We offer quick decision making on business loans because decisions are made locally. Megabanks must often convene loan-approval committees in another location, city, or state.
  • We care about the community. Our banks' board of directors is made up of local citizens who want to advance the interests of Charlotte, where they live, and where our bank does business.
  • We have everything you need. We offer a wide range of banking services and products designed to meet the needs of consumers and business including:
  • Anytime, anywhere electronic banking
  • Treasury management products and services
  • Credit and debit cards with competitive rates and features
  • Competitive mortgage- and consumer-loan products
  • Competitive checking, saving, and investment products and rates
  • Small-business lending

Not convinced? Call or stop by one of our branches and experience the dedication and commitment to personal service we all share. We think you'll like the way it feels at Carolina Premier Bank—a different kind of bank.