Safe Travels Top 10 Banking Tips for Travelers

Summer and vacation time has come to an end, but people continue to travel abroad. When planning a trip, it is recommended to order tickets on time, book hotels, choose objects to visit … Have you really prepared completely?

Financial experts will unanimously confirm that when spending a vacation abroad, we need to take special care of our money – to protect payment cards and cash, carefully choose ATMs and currency exchange offices.

But how do you remember all this? We have summarized ten tips that will come in handy for anyone traveling abroad.

10 things to consider before you go on a trip

Inform your bank

If you inform your bank that you are leaving your country, then in case of unforeseen difficulties, the bank will immediately react and offer solutions. For example, you can inform your bank about your planned trip at any time of the day by calling customer support.

Don’t forget your payment cards

Long gone are the days when it was possible to pay on a trip only with personal money. A payment card allows you to conveniently pay for everyday purchases or for dinner at a restaurant, while a credit card can come in handy when you book a hotel or rent a car. These are services that require a security deposit.

Take care of a fallback

If possible, take two payment cards with you on your trip – so that you can still pay in the event that something unexpected happens to one of the cards.

Find out all about card payments

Remember that the currency of settlement is automatically changed to the currency of the account to which the card is linked, in compliance with the procedure and price list established by the bank.

Don’t use suspicious ATMs

Withdraw money only from ATMs of reputable banks – in safe, well-lit places. Before traveling, check the list of reliable ATMs in the country you plan to travel to.

Don’t withdraw money too often

Usually, the commission for withdrawing money from ATMs fluctuates between 1.5-2.5% and depending on the amount withdrawn, therefore banking specialists advise withdrawing money less often but in large amounts.

Take care of cash too

There are still places where you can only pay with cash. Most often these are campgrounds, markets and small cafes. Therefore, it is worth taking care of cash in a timely manner.

Do not exchange large sums of money for other currencies

You should not change large sums of money at one time, especially for currencies of exotic countries, which you cannot use on another trip. If you exchange unused money back for Euros, you will incur losses.

Do not store payment cards with cash

If something unforeseen happens, you can stay in a foreign country without a payment card or cash.

All calculations – only in your presence

Require that all transactions during which money is withheld from your account take place in your presence.

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