Big businesses don't have all the advantages. They may have more resources, but they can't move like your small business can. Small enough to listen to every one of your customers and flexible enough to respond to a changing market, your small business can do what bigger businesses can't. A Small Business Administration (SBA) loan gives you the financing you need to do even more at a competitive rate. So those resources that big businesses have? Now you have them too.

  • Available for start-up businesses, as well as purchasing and refinancing existing businesses
  • Competitive rates for a wide range of business needs:
    • Commercial real estate purchase
    • Construction
    • Mergers, business acquisition, or expansion
    • Equipment/inventory purchase
    • Working capital
    • And more
  • A wide range of lending options available
  • Low down payments and extended terms
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Personal service and assistance
  • Local decisions, underwriting, and management
SBA 7(a) Loans

Through the U.S. government, we are proud to offer SBA 7(a) loans to qualifying businesses. Learn more about this loan option below.

  • General purpose business and real estate loans
  • Fixed loan maturity up to 25 years
  • No prepayment penalties (under 15 years)
  • No balloon demands
  • Up to $5 million in financing
  • Minimum downpayment requirements
  • Start-ups are eligible

Unsure if this loan option is right for you? Contact us to speak to one of our representatives.

SBA 504 Loans

Give your small business a boost with a government-backed SBA 504 loan. Learn more about this loan option below.

  • Can be used for:
    • Purchase of land, including an existing building
    • Purchase of improvements, including grading, street improvements, utilities, and more
    • Purchase of long-term machinery and equipment, e.g., manufacturing machines
    • Construction of new facilities or modernizing, renovating or converting and existing building or facility
  • Favorable terms for small businesses through the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA)
  • Loan maturity up to 20 years
  • 10% to 15% down payment available on most commercial real estate and equipment loans
  • Up to 90% Loan-to-Value ratio

Unsure if this loan option is right for you? Contact us to speak to one of our representatives.

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