Durham, North Carolina is located in Durham County. Standard Zip codes are 27704, 27701, 27703, 27706, 27713, 27705, 27707, 27712. Time zone is America/New_York. Total population is 264,310. 47% are males in this city. 53% – females in this location. Median age is 34. Median earnings over 25 are $40,040. Median household income is $75,631. Poverty level is 16.8%. 46% is the rate of issued payday loans in Durham, NC. Median gross rent is $1,005. Median house value is $207,900.

What are payday loans Durham, North Carolina?

Payday loans Durham, North Carolina can be a solution to almost any problem when you need a small amount of money for a short period, most often up to a month. Banks do not issue loans for such a short period of time, but microfinance organizations make it. Moreover, all the procedure can be arranged without leaving home. It is enough to fill out an online application form, and after its approval, the money will be transferred to the specified card. Income certificates and an impeccable credit history are not required – only the details of the borrower’s ID. It is also convenient to repay a loan – both through the same card online and through terminals.

What should I specify in the application?

Usually, in an online application, you need to specify the following information to get payday loans Durham, North Carolina:

  • full name;
  • date of birth;
  • ID data;
  • marital status;
  • place of work;
  • size and duration for which a small loan is issued;
  • method of receiving money.

After you fill out and submit the form, you have to wait no more than 20 minutes to find out the decision.

How long to wait for a transfer to a bank card?

Credit funds are transferred to the client’s card immediately after the application is approved and the loan agreement is signed.

Please note that some banks may delay the deposit to the card. If you have signed a contract and you have received a text message about the loan approval, but the money has not been credited to the card for a long time, we recommend contacting the bank of which you are a customer directly.

Who can apply for a payday loan Durham, North Carolina?

In order to use our services, you need to:

  • be at least 18 years old;
  • be a U.S. citizen;
  • be employed and have a reliable source of income;
  • have a checking account;
  • have a valid email address and phone number.

How much is it possible to apply for a loan?

If you are a new-coming customer, that is, you take out a payday loan Durham, NC for the first time, the maximum amount of your loan cannot exceed $1,500. Each subsequent loan increases the available amount. With constant use of the services and compliance with the terms of payments, the loan amount can reach $2,500.

What are the advantages of payday lending in comparison with a bank, a debt from friends or a pawnshop?

Issuing a loan from a bank, as a rule, takes a lot of time and effort – you need to collect all the relevant documents, spend time on the road and queues. At the same time, there is no guarantee that you will not receive a refusal.

Resorting to the services of pawnshops in a situation when a certain amount is urgently needed is also not the best way out. If you take out a loan secured by valuables or jewelry, be prepared that pawnshop employees significantly underestimate the value of things.

In addition, there are situations when money is needed right now, immediately, and there are no things at hand that you could part with.

Most of the things taken to the pawnshop are not returned back. Thus, pawnshops get really expensive things for a song.

If you do buy your thing back, there is no guarantee that it will return to you in the same condition as it was originally.

On the one hand, it may seem quite attractive to borrow money from friends or relatives – you will not have to pay back any interest and the probability that you will be refused is minimal.

But one should also take into account the fact that each family carefully plans its monthly budget in advance and there may simply not be free funds to lend. There is also the moment that you don’t always want to dedicate your loved ones to your temporary difficulties.

Using payday lending services, you get the opportunity to:

  • get money to your bank card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • don’t stand in queues;
  • do not waste time on a trip to a credit institution;
  • not to part with expensive things for a song;
  • do not leave a deposit;
  • do not disturb friends or relatives.