Business eBanking is a convenient and secure way to control your current accounts for legal entities and individual entrepreneurs. Connection and servicing using a mobile application are carried out by the bank without charging an additional commission.

Features of business eBanking

Convenient work with the account

  • View detailed account information: arrests, reservations, overdrafts, and so on;
  • Send account details by e-mail;
  • Open the second and subsequent accounts online;
  • Search for account transactions: incoming and outgoing transactions, the purpose of payment, counterparties, date.

Fast and clear work with documents

  • Documents are pre-filled as much as possible: data on the counterparty, number of salary agreements, invoices;
  • Ability to create documents from an extract, copies of documents, templates and drafts;
  • Obtaining information about the status of document processing and reasons for rejection;
  • Payment order and tax payment certificate for salary payments are generated automatically, no need to enter the contract number and transit account – the information will already be in the created list;
  • The most informative foreign trade agreements: viewing all documents created under the agreement (payments, notifications, information); viewing the amounts paid under the agreement, the system will offer to register the transaction if necessary.

Currency exchange

  • Exchange of funds with 3 clicks between your accounts within a few seconds at the exchange rate prevailing in the foreign exchange market without the need to create a separate payment order;
  • Possibility to create a request for currency exchange at your own rate and its execution if the market rate reaches the specified value.